ZPOW "Ziębice" Sp. z o.o.

The Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant
specialising in vegetable processing. The processing tradition dates back to 1886. The materials used are sourced from contract fields located around Ziębice, spreading over the environmentally clean Lower Silesian foothills with a unique microclimate. Growers plant vegetables using seeds selected as a result of many years of experience. During the entire growing season and harvest time, the contracting services of ZPOW "Ziębice" check the correctness of agrotechnical treatments, paying special attention to maintaining high quality of materials. Our company is one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of frozen peas, maize, string beans and carrots. The products manufactured by ZPOW Ziębice, in the form of finished and semi-finished goods, are sold in the domestic market to commercial chains, catering companies, partner wholesale companies and processing companies. A significant portion of our output is exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, the Czech Republic, the USA, Canada, Russia and Belarus.